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Promising Phase I/II Trial for Cuban Vaccine Candidate amidst Growing Cholera Threat.
Reed, G. Cuba Health Reports. September 17,2007.  [free full text]

Cast of thousands: Cuba's contribution to global health.
Gorry, C. HealthLink. March 2007;143.  [free full text]

Exporting medicine & influence.
The Economist
. 2007; Jan 25.

Healing Globally, Empowering Locally: Cuban Medical Cooperation in Africa.
Gorry, C. Caminos: Revista Cubana de Pensamiento Socioteológico. Dec 2006;42:56-60.
[free full text, pdf]

Cuba & Bolivia sign cooperation accords in health.
Kovac, A.. MEDICC Review. 2006;8(1), 25.  [free full text]

Cuba doctors popular in quake-stricken Java.
Fawthrop, T. BBC News/Americas. 2006;Aug 18.  [free full text]

Cuba exports health.
Ospina, H.C. Le Monde Diplomatique. 2006; Aug.  [free full text]

Cuban doctors in Pakistan: Why Cuba still inspires.
Akhtar, A.S.  Monthly Review, 2006;58(6).  [free full text]

Cuban doctors offering massive relief in Pakistan.
Gorry, C. MEDICC Review. 2006;8(1), 21-23.  [free full text]

Cuban medical diplomacy: When the left has got it right.
Feinsilver, J.  Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) Reports.  2006; Oct. 30.
This article originally appeared in Foreign Affairs en Español Vol. 6 (Octubre-Diciembre 2006), pp. 81-94.  Foreign Affairs.  [free full text]

Impoverished Cuba sends doctors around the globe to help the poor.
Fawthrop, T. Sydney Morning Herald. 2006;Oct 28.  [free full text] 

Innovative project brings permanent medical services to Honduran Mosquitia.
Gorry, C. Cuba Health Reports. 2006; Nov 30.  [free full text]

Making health history in the Gambia: Locally-educated doctors go to work.
Gorry, C., Torres, J.  Cuba Health Reports. 2006; Nov 1.  [free full text]

Medical know-how boosts Cuba’s wealth.
Fawthrop, T. BBC News/Americas. 2006; Jan 17.  [free full text]

Touring Cuban field hospitals in post-quake Pakistan.
Gorry, C. MEDICC Review. 2006;8(1), 11-14.  [free full text]

China's cancer patients to benefit from Cuban biotech.
. 2005;7(9), 11-12.  [free full text] 

Community health diagnosis as a curriculum component: Experience of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Walter Sisulu University, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Del Río. A. MEDICC Review. 2005;7(8), 22-25.  [free full text]

A conversation with internationalist Aleida Guevara, MD.
Reed, G. MEDICC Review. 2005;7(6), 10-12.  [free full text]

Cuba & Venezuela step up health cooperation: Sight-saving initiative for region's poor.
Reed, G. MEDICC Review. 2005;7(6), 33-34.  [free full text]

Cuba marks 15 years treating Chernobyl victims.
Gorry, C. MEDICC Review. 2005;7(5), 28-29.  [free full text]

Cuba to create doctors’ brigade.
Ravsberg, F. BBC News/Americas.  2005; Sep 20.  [free full text]

Cuban disaster doctors in Guatemala, Pakistan.
Gorry, C. MEDICC Review. 2005;7(9), 11-12.  [free full text]

Dusk to dawn: Fighting malaria in Gambia.
Reed, G. MEDICC Review. 2005;7(7), 11-13.  [free full text]

Experience of Cuban faculty in establishing a medical school in the Republic of the Gambia.
Menéndez, AC. MEDICC Review. 2005;7(8), 19-22.  [free full text]

Profiles in commitment; Thabo Mnisi, MD, Clinical Manager Alexandra Health Centre and University Clinic, South Africa.
Reed, G. MEDICC Review. 2005;7(8), 9-11.  [free full text]

Cuban doctors provide care in Venezuela's barrios.
Ceaser, M.  Lancet.  2004;363(9424):1874-5.

Books & Reports

Barrio Adentro: The right to health and social inclusion in Venezuela. 
Pan American Health Organization; 2006. 
[free full text in English, Spanish and French]

Healing the masses:  Cuban health politics at home and abroad.
Feinsilver, J. Berkeley, CA:  University of California Press, 1993.


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